PARIS-north cape photo aventure EDITION 2019

Team 1 : Anthony and Bernard

This team is made up of Anthony and Bernard.
Anthony, 51 years old, is from Loire Atlantique. In spite of his disability, he enjoys hiking, swimming and yachting. He came to Scandinavia before, during winter, and he wants to visit it in the summer. Bernard is 67 years old. He is from Vendée and he is passionate about hiking, biking, photography and cooking.

Team 2 : Olivier, Karine, Laetitia and Jules

Olivier, Karine, Laetitia and Jules want to experience this 2019 rally as a family trip. They come from Isère. Olivier, 49 years old, already participated in 1993, and he has wanted to bring his family for a long time.

Team 3 : Eric, Fanny, Margaux, Salomé and Charlotte

Eric, 47 years old, found out about the rally thanks to Philippe, since they went together to their conscription in 1991. Eric is coming to this year’s edition with Fanny, 49, Margaux, Salomé and Charlotte, from 11 to 15 years old. They are coming from Seine et Marne.
They love nature, sport, and photography.

Team 4 : Tanguy and Suzon

Tanguy and Suzon, 24 years old, are from Sarthe. They like to say they are real marmots and they need at least 12 hours a night. Will they manage to keep sleeping that much on the Rally ?

Team 5 : Alain, 64 years old and Sylvie

Alain, 64 years old and Sylvie, 62, are from Vendée. They like hiking, biking and dancing. They travel in an off-road vehicle. They love traveling and volunteering.

Team 6 : André-Daniel, Agnès, Diamantine and Florian-Ulysse

André-Daniel, 62, Agnès, 52, Diamantine, 12, and Florian-Ulysse, 11 years old, left the rainforest of Guyane for the Scandinavian midnight Sun. The whole family loves Hikes, nature, music and cooking.

Team 7 : Arielle and François

Arielle and François are 51 and are from Hérault. They traveled to every continent.
François is an artist and an air navigator that is afraid by nothing. Fortunately for this sweet dreamer, Arielle has her feet on the ground.

Team 8 : Dorian and Myriam

Dorian, 34 and Myriam, 32, are also from Hérault. They have already traveled quite a lot : in van, motorcycle, or in a boat, across all of Europe. This year, they are coming with their car, to get to the most northern point of Europe.

Team 9 : Jean-Pierre and Marie-Christine

Jean-Pierre, 70, and Marie-Christine, 69, are from Allier. They already participated in the Photo Rally in 1993. They like hikes, bikes, and golf, and they traveled in many continents.

Team 10 : Thierry, Christophe, Etienne and Corentin

Two dads (Thierry, 48, and Christophe, 45) who are bringing their sons (Etienne and Corentin, 14). They are from Allier. Christophe and Corentin already participated in the Paris-North Cape some years ago.

Team 11 : Philippe and Lilou

Philippe, 53, is a regular of the Paris-North Cape, it is his 3rd of 4th time this year. He comes with Lilou, 17 years old, for the second time. They love the adventure and traveling in an off-road.

Team 12 : Michael and Léa
Michael, 33, and Léa, 27, are from Ille-et-Vilaine. They are passionate about photography, board games, and hikes. They visited more than 37 countries.
Team 13 : Alexis, 27 years old and Darya,

Alexis, 27, and Darya, 26, are from Loire Atlantique. Darya has already participated in many Photo Treks with her father Sasha and her sister Veronica. She won the Photo Trek when she was only 16, and in 2017 she won the Paris-North Cape ! Darya passed on her
passion to Alexis.

Team 14 : Edouard and Béatrice

Edouard, 69, and Béatrice, 64, are from Seine-Maritime. They share passions like gardening, photography, bikes and travels. They participated in several Phot Treks.

Team 15 : Joël and Christine

Joël, 62, and Christine, 57, are from Yonne. They are passionate about running, bike, and hiking. Joël likes football and Christine loves photography. They participated in several marathons in Annecy and La Réunion.

Team 16 : Philippe, Macha, Barbara and Hadrien

This is a family of athletes (swimming, fencing, Nordic walk, skiing, …), this team is composed of Philippe, 57, Macha, 42, Barbara, 13, and Hadrien, 11. They are from Val-de-Marne. Philippe’s parents participated in the Photo Rally 25 years ago.

Team 17 : Gérard and Henriette

Gérard, 60, and Henriette, 63, love the sea and water sports. Henriette participated in 3 Rose des Sables rallies.

Team 18 : Guy, Nathalie, Tom and Tess
Guy, 56, who already participated in 1993, and Natalie, 45, are coming this year with Tom, 9, and Tess, 6. They are from Indre-et-Loire. They are addicted to candy, so they will likely find their happiness in Scandinavia, since we can find them in any store.
Team19 : Jérôme, Sandie, Enzo and Valentino
Another family ! Jérôme, 56, and Sandie, 47, are coming with Enzo, 11, and Valentino, 9.
They are from Val-d’Oise. They love classic and rally cars, and like bikes and triathlon.
Team 20 : Daniel and Marie-France

Daniel, 50, and Marie-France, 52, are from Rhône. Daniel is the grandson of an iconic couple of the Paris-North Cape : Grandpa and Grandma North Cape, who participated 8 times ! Daniel and Marie-France are athletic and did a motorcycle road trip in Vietnam.

Team 21 : Jean-Pierre, Pascal and Pierre-Louis

Jean-Pierre, 62, Pascal, 63, and Pierre-Louis, 13, are passionate about hiking, photography and football. Jean-Pierre did a remarkable trip to Brazil.

Team 22 : Mathieu, Héloise and Ugo

This team, which is composed of 3 artists, is the same as 2 years ago : Matthieu, 30, Héloise, 26, and Ugo, 28. They do comics and Ugo is also a draftsman and sculptor.
Matthieu and Ugo are Emilie’s teachers ! Ugo, who completely fell in love with Lapland, may want to stay there !

Team 23 : didier and Anaël

Didier, 65, and Anaël, 40 are from Switzerland. Didier already participated in the 90s. His vehicle for this year is very special : it has 6 wheels !