13 AUGUST 2019 

Juuma Moykkylanpera

Meet up with Arne and Kirsti, the Granny Grandpa’s in the middle of nowhere.

Juuma Moykkylanpera

Great sensations on the wet tracks when you arrive!

We woke up with the sun, but not enough to dry the wet tents. Departure to the Finnish tracks under an uncertain weather alternating heavy winter rain and summer sun. See you tonight at Arne and Kirsty, emblematic characters of the Raid that Philippe came across in 1988 during the first Raid. Since then, their fields have become an essential bivouac. Great sensations on the wet tracks when you arrive!
Nice surprise organized by Christine and Joel for his birthday: great drink for everyone. Some lights remain on in cars… to complete the report that is to be made tomorrow! The participants fall asleep with the raindrops on the tents’ canvas…