On Thursday 10th November, another team popped into the Cap Nord Organisation office to register for the Rally. A warm welcome to the Auclaire family – Gilles, Lucie (14 years old) and Marie (12 year) – from the Rhône département.
All three took part in the 9th Photo Trek, held last summer in the Pilat Regional Park, around Saint-Etienne (www.phototrek.fr).

Here is one of the prize-winning photos Lucie took during the event and which was published by our partner newspaper, Le Progrès.

The day before, we received Olivier, Françoise, Cléry (18 ans) et Audran (13 ans) Dubray’s (Indre et Loire) registration form, as well as messages from Jean-Pierre d’Antoni (Mayenne), who will be driving a 1968 Peugeot 404, and his brother, who will be taking his Citroën C5 estate, saying they had posted their registration forms.

Welcome to you all.